Warsaw misc.

Hey I’m in Warsaw. I’m leaving tomorrow. But it’s pretty cool. It feels a lot bigger than Krakow. The first thing you see when you get out of the train station is the huge Palace of Culture tower which is pretty stunning, whether you like it or not. I’ll put up pictures later. I went up it at the end of the day. The Old Town and New Town are very different from the rest of the city–at least it seemed so to me. Around my hostel everything looks quite modern (if sometimes a bit beaten-up) with lots of ads and tall buildings.

Today I also went to the Marie Curie house, where I looked for cool souvenirs for my mom but found none. I also went to the Frederic Chopin museum, where there were still no cool souvenirs for people. But there were lots of original manuscripts (I recognized one! that was fun) and his last piano. French was useful at both of those museums.

Speaking of which, today for the second time I got to use French in Poland. The first time was in Krakow when a girl (she was blond, she didn’t really look French) stopped me to ask me where the nearest post office was, and I asked if she spoke French because she interrupted herself in French once. Then just now I was buying a kebab outside and the guy was scooping veggies onto it and asked me something in Polish, which of course I met with a blank stare. He asked what language I spoke and when I said English and French he started talking to me in French. Sooooo that was fun. More than once someone has walked up to me and started to say something to me in Polish (met with blank stares again since I don’t even know how to say “I don’t speak Polish”) so I guess I blend in pretty well. I’ve learned to say thank you, please, no, yes, and platform… so, next on my list should maybe be, like, hello. I didn’t realize how much Spanish I knew until I came here where I know nothing. Even in Germany I can at least say excuse me….

This morning I worked my way up to Muranow (will check spelling later) where the Jewish ghetto was in WWII. There are barely any signs of it and to be honest the signs there are aren’t very well marked. Will post pictures later and talk more about it then.

This hostel is not quite as cool as the one in Krakow. It’d be cooler if I weren’t alone. I’m in a three-bed room by myself. We’ll see if that changes tonight. Last night I went out for pierogi by myself and I think I did okay thanks to A’s very quick lesson in Polish pronunciation last Wednesday. I don’t know what was in my pierogi but I know how to say their name from the menu. Anyway they were yummy.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking the train up to Gdansk. I bought my train ticket and upon later investigation found that it says I’m going to Gdynia… so I should ask someone if that’s normal.


3 thoughts on “Warsaw misc.

  1. laurel says:

    I’m enjoying reading these. Btw, wikipedia says that Gdynia forms a “conurbation” with Gdansk so you’re probably going to the right place, just the station is in the Gdynia part. Although not like I know anything about Poland, except for the fact that apparently they lump all the Gd- cities together.

    Can you believe, in less than a month I will be in France! I’m so excited!!

  2. Have not seen Lech Walesa (as far as I know), but am going to his airport tomorrow. Will say hello.

    Am V excited that you will be in France in a month, L. I swiped the slightly more extensive Luxembourg section from Let’s Go Western Europe in my hostel in Warsaw. (Don’t worry, other sections had already been swiped. All of France and Belgium. I was just taking the last francophone bit.)

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