Leaving Gdansk

Sorry for the boring titles. But my internet time is so confused that the posts can’t really be focused enough for a title.

Am in Gdansk, and am leaving tomorrow. The hostel here is interesting. It’s a nice enough place, but it seems to be filled with mostly Polish friends of the owners. I’ve been hanging out with the only other apparent backpacker, an Aussie. Gdansk seems cool, but it rained lots today. So we walked around (I bought some amber rings) in the morning but then raced back when it started pouring and, sadly, I did not go to Sopot. It probably wouldn’t have been that great in the downpour. We went to the Gdansk History Museum but almost everything was in Polish. They had some really good photos though of the exact same shots of Gdansk’s old town in 1945 and after rebuilding finished in 1996. It was pretty striking.

The only other girl in our room is this Polish girl who speaks the greatest English ever. She speaks in adorable fragments and helps us with our horrible Polish pronunciation. She let me eat some of her petits beurres.

I’m heading out via the airport tomorrow. I went to one of the autobus ticket windows and said “please, bus to airport” in Polish and the woman smiled and started speaking to me in English. It was serendipitous because really not that many people (especially transport agents) seem to speak English here. Anyway she sold me a ticket and told me where it was so I think I am all set. Tomorrow I will leave here at 9:15ish, catch the bus at 9:40, take the plan at 12:05, arrive in Dublin at 14:05, bus myself into the city, and then bus myself to Galway, where I hope to arrive around 8 pm. It will be so nice to be able to ask real questions of strangers again. Also I will be couchsurfing at an American girl’s so I don’t know what the internet situation will be. Am v. excited though!


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