In Ireland

So I’m in Ireland! It’s great. It’s everything I hoped it would be, which is a bit surreal. You know how you have preconceived notions of some place and then once you’re actually going there you expect it won’t really be like that? Maybe other people don’t do that. Anyway, Ireland is exactly as I hoped. They really do have lots of shop signs in that calligraphy font. And those dry walls really do divide up all the fields. It reminds me of that Andy Goldsworthy (correct name?) video.

I got on a bus to Galway at the Dublin airport (after successfully manipulating my last public transport in Poland–which did involve a conversation with me saying things like “airport” and “yes” and the other person saying lots of things I didn’t understand at all) and the bus driver had an excellent Irish accent, and spent the entire trip talking to the older woman seated behind him. It was fun to listen to. When I got off he said “Welcome home” and I’m not really sure what that was about, but then he asked me where I was from. I’m pretty sure the American accent gives me away immediately.

I got to Killarney tonight after two fab nights in Galway. I loved the city and my hosts. There were lots of Americans walking around town. Yesterday I went on a tour to the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren and took too many pictures so rest assured, will post too many of those later. The weather was perfect, which the guide kept reminding us, because apparently it can get really windy and rainy up there.

I went out with the hosts last night to a pub in Galway which was lots of fun, and talked to lots of foreigners, and got to speak a little French.

My bus stopped over for an hour in Limerick. I toyed with the idea of stopping for longer and waiting for the next one but in the end I decided there wasn’t enough to do there. Apparently someone now does an Angela’s Ashes tour which I might have been interested in but I arrived after it normally starts. Limerick from the bus station looked a bit run down. But it’s supposed to be on the rise so maybe I just saw the wrong bit of it. The accent (well the accent at the bus station anyway) was almost incomprehensible. And an annoying girl begged two euros off of me. I was pretty irritated and mostly gave it to her so she would leave me alone. I’m not exactly piling up money right now. (There is a real expression that I could use here to say that but I can’t seem to think of it.) So, that is the end of my disproportionately long paragraph on Limerick. I was perhaps disproportionately interested (but not enough to stay more than an hour) because part of my family is from there.

I obviously just arrived in Killarney but so far 90% of the tourists seem to be French.

Trying to think if I have anything to add right now. I love Ireland so far. I’ve never felt so comfortable traveling. The Irish are so friendly. It’s good for me to be reminded that there are great places that aren’t France.


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