What's happened in Killarney

Maybe these aren’t the best post titles ever.

Anyway I’m still in Killarney. I’m leaving at 3:30 for Cork where my host will come meet me at the bus station.

Another American girl arrived in my hostel room last night and we went out. It was pretty fun. First we went to a bar where they had lots of different beers. Okay that’s not true. First we went to a bar/restaurant that had live music but seemed to be full of geriatrics. We left after a bit and went to the second bar, where I had a Newcastle, which reminded me of college. I don’t remember why we drank Newcastle in college. Anyway the bar closed at midnight (lame) but they sent us to a club around the corner with these pathetic free passes to get in. They were outdated, but the bartender turned the 11 into a 17 and the woman taking the passes at the entrance didn’t care at all. There was a pretty good band playing when we went in, covering lots of indie songs and then some heavy metal. But someone drenched my bag in beer when I wasn’t watching so I had to chuck it this morning. It’s okay, it was pretty old anyway and really starting to show its age. So I bought a cheap one. Oh, and apparently when drunk I pick up the accents of people around me. It was completely unintentional but ridiculous. I’m surprised no one made fun of me.

I’m kind of amazed by how much I like Ireland. I always thought I would like it but honestly kind of figured my expectations were a little high. They weren’t. And so many tourists are French here that I’m wondering if I could get a seasonal (summer) job in tourism somewhere. I think it would be the most fun ever.

Speaking of fun I walked up to some gardens this morning and twice passed a woman walking a 3-month-old Westie. I know he was 3 months because I asked her. He was the cutest thing ever (I’m very prone to hyperbole in this post). I’m dying to get one. I think I also want a kitten and I want to name him Patton because it would be funny and because of this song Mala sent me on a mix CD.

So, here’s my current dream life:
1) live somewhere in North America teaching French during the year
2) have Westieand cat
3) go to Ireland for summers to speak French at people (Westie should be small enough to take on planes with me, but not sure if I could manage to take both animals, hrm)

Can it be done? Will do research when I get back from this trip.

Also, want to pester les filles into going to Costa Rica at some point next year. American girl from last night (whom I gave my e-mail address, so maybe we can meet up again in Dublin) says it’s supposed to be really cheap. And our ex-Spanish assistant friend who came with us to Spain lives there.


6 thoughts on “What's happened in Killarney

  1. Mom says:

    plus you have a cousin in Costa Rica who owns a water-skiing resort, and I am sure he would put you up for nothing–maybe not les filles though

  2. Yes you’re right, I mix those up all the time and I don’t know why. I really don’t like Yorkies.

    Am glad you got the postcard! Krakow postcards seem to be arriving right about now.

  3. laurel says:

    My cousins have a Westie named Agnes. So cute. But my other cousins have a Yorkie named Latte who is also pretty cute. Sorry, I don’t hate Yorkies when they’re sweet and quiet.

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