Wasting time in Cork

Am spending some time in an internet cafe waiting for my bus so perhaps I will retitle all these posts today.

I’m in Cork, have been for two days, and have had a fab time, though have not seen that much of the city. My host met me Friday night and fed me and then we went out to a pub where I had Beamish for the first time. It wasn’t bad. Then yesterday we walked around town a bit and saw some very tempting clothing that I did not buy, and drank some excellent hot chocolate. The place had these huge, huge bars of chocolate and I thought about buying one for my brother but they were seriously heavy (an inch and a half thick and bigger across than a sheet of paper) and I see him so rarely that it wouldn’t really have made sense. My host has been terrific though and I’ve had a lot of fun putzing around.

Later I’m leaving for Dublin where I’ll have three and a half days before flying out Thursday night. I’m considering a day trip to the Wicklow mountaints but I think I’ll hold out on that decision till I get some advice from people who live in Dublin.


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