Possibly the last post from the road

but I might get bored tomorrow and stop into an internet cafe. It’s a habit I’m prone to. I’m leaving tomorrow back to Reims, but not till evening so I’m thinking of training my way up to a castle north of here. Not a lot is coming to mind to report right this instant… I’ll be staying with the Y’s in Paris tomorrow night because apparently the Thursday night commute to Reims is not incredibly popular. Am looking forward to doing laundry and having more than six shirts to choose from. But otherwise this trip has been pretty far up there in the ratings (you didn’t know there was a standardized ratings system did you?) and in general I think I won’t hesitate to travel alone again.

Not sure how I feel about Dublin though. There are lots of people. I thought I’d been in cities with lots of people (you know, places like Paris) but this place feels much more crowded. I think I’m getting overstimulated. If I ever moved to Ireland I think it would be somewhere smallish. Hooookay. Signing off now.


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