Hello from Blois

We are in Blois. I don’t think I much like andouillette, which I tried for the first time tonight. Laurel’s camera is out of battery and mine is working fine except for the on-off wheel which requires Laurel’s fingernails of steel to work.

We had sort of a time getting to Chenonceau. Yesterday we bought tickets at the train station. I went up to the guichet and said we would like two tickets to go to Chenonceau, and he sold us two tickets to go to Chinon. We trusted him that this was the correct thing to do (it is not). Then instead of tickets from Tours to Blois, he sold us tickets from Blois to Tours. We fixed that one. But then we were talking to our couchsurfing host and her friends last night and I happened to ask, just to be sure, if Chenonceau was in Chinon, and they said pas du tout, so we had to fix that again this morning. Then we missed our train. It’s okay, we went straight to the minibus excursion booth at the train station and hopped on a minibus that took us to Chenonceau and Amboise. Will post pictures later.

Our host in Tours was incredibly nice. In fact everyone down here has been remarkably friendly, including service people.


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