Title this yourselves

So! Just got back from Lyon where I left Laurel to go visit people that her boyfriend has a connection with. The trip was quite excellent. On Friday we got on the train the Paris, expecting to be on it for 45 minutes like normal. About halfway in, we stopped. After five minutes they announced that they didn’t know how long we’d be stopped. A short time later we heard that a German train in front of us had caught fire. A bit more time after that we learned that they were sending us back to Reims and then on the slow TER route to Paris. So we got there four hours after we left. It was pretty special.

Anyway Saturday morning we headed off to Lyon where we wandered an then met our host and his other couchsurfer. They were lots of fun even though L and I were really tired. Host made us a Lyonnais salad that was quite yummy, other couchsurfer dropped his books into the garden below and got them back with a bizarre combination of duct tape and long wire. Then we went out.

Today we wandered around the Roman ruin-ey part of Lyon. We meant to do more but ran out of town. But it was a really cool city. They had just won the Coupe de France so everyone was out honking horns and one person jumped in the Rhone naked. I think that’s not generally advised, or legal. General impression of Lyon was excellent and I don’t think we were really there long enough.


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