Mort de mon disque dur

My hard drive died yesterday. I was all happy on my bed watching So You Think You Can Dance when 1) Safari stopped working and then 2) VLC stopped working (quite possibly my computer disagrees with my taste in TV). So I restarted. Except it never actually restarted after that. I dropped it off with the friendly tech people at Interactif in Reims (thank God we have an Apple retailer here, and also that this time the thing is still under warranty) and hope hope hope I’ll get it back before they close today at 7. Because it’s raining and there’s nothing else to do. And they aren’t open Sunday or Monday. Am currently in the mediateque monopolizing a computer but I have the right to 1 hour so I’m going to milk my abonnement.

Also am trying to solidify what I’d like to do in Morocco. I’d like to do:
1) Les cascades d’ouzoud
2) a Sahara camel or jeep trek
3) Marrakech
4) buy some woodwork-y stuff in Essaouira
5) Fes

Obviously, have to run all of this by Malavika, who fortunately has a better guidebook than I do (I have a Thomas Cook Travelers guide and to be honest I find it kind of confusing, I miss Let’s Go). We have ten days. Suggestions?

Edit: Just got the phone call that my computer is ready! Phew.


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