People have started leaving.

Namely, Ana. Jessi and I saw her off at the train station a few hours ago. But have been hanging out with them and the Erasmus students a lot lately (L and D were in Hungary) so have seen some of the Erasmus crowd leave too. It’s weird getting to know them right at the end of the year. Anyway it is a bit like being on permanent vacation and I’m getting in the rut of lazying around so much that I don’t do the few things I need to get done. Today I am trying to be productive. I can’t really complain though. And I am so glad I’m not leaving for another two months. Ana and Jessi (who is leaving Thursday) have been talking about being ready to go back and I am fighting a rising sense of panic at the thought. Last year at this time I was already home! And I was very sad. I have to keep reminding myself that this return won’t be like last year’s.


What do you think?

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