I spent an excellent weekend (just wrote passed instead of spent there, durr) in and around Paris from Friday to Sunday. I finally went to Versailles, guided by a Frenchman, which is as far as I can tell one of the best ways to travel. Anyway we managed to be there for the eaux musicales which were very cool. It’s a bit sad to imagine seeing Versailles without them, actually.

So besides that, I spent the weekend at Unnamed Frenchman’s grandparents, and I ate several of the strawberries they grow. Among other things, we watched Scrubs (in French) and I gave away important bits of storyline before I should have (a habit of mine really), and he told me that apparently many of my students thought I was a lesbian because I’m married to a girl on facebook.

In other news, I’m in that limbo time where there’s not much to do since I’m done teaching. I have only one more exam to observe and it’s two weeks away. My parents will be here this weekend which will be nice. Linda and I are more or less planning a birthday party which we’re trying to squeeze in before all the Erasmus students leave. I’m still looking for an apartment in Austin because the one I’ve found seems to have fallen through.

And I’m wondering if it might have been more sensible in the end just to do a masters in France. The reasons to do it in the U.S. were because 1) I had so carefully planned out the schools I was applying to 2) I generally think the programs are better and 3) I’m not sure how I’d fare in a French masters program. All three of these reasons are good. But being a student does seem one of the easiest ways to stay in France…so why didn’t I think to take advantage?

Anyway it’s a silly, pointless what-if. I’ll find cool ways of coming back as often as possible. I’m already planning to apply to work here next summer. It’s a July-August camp so I think I could come to France for June to visit everyone before starting. It is a good excuse to come back to France but I am actually interested in programs like this so it’s not really a cop-out.


What do you think?

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