Devising ways of coming back to France

Well I called Emily last night and she talked me down from my momentary panic. The long and short of it is that it’s so complicated to stay in France as an American that I think it is important to have a degree that’s valuable in the U.S. and I think an American masters is more valuable than a French one in that respect. And if it turns out I need a French masters to do what I want to in France, then I can always come back and get one here after.

In the meantime I’m doing research on ways for graduate students to come temporarily to France. Here’s what I’ve found that looks promising:

Internships in Francophone Europe has a promising-looking masters-with-internship program.
The Partner University Fund looks promising too but much more complicated and applications for the following year are due in December. Hrm.

Any other ideas out there?


3 thoughts on “Devising ways of coming back to France

  1. Emily says:

    You know, Mac sends lots of people on IFE for their study abroad. They could probably advise you on that program (plus I can send you names of people who did the program).

    Grants like the Fulbright, maybe? Once you get to grad school, I’m sure your department will have ideas for you, too.

    Also, I think you made the right decision to not do an MA in France. I’ve been in MA courses in French universities, and they’re not nearly as intensive as their US counterparts. Lots of lecture, not a lot of participation, and less material covered in a semester than in the US. (I know that’s probably not particularly comforting right now, though.)

  2. Yeah actually I was just looking at the Mac French site for fun and nostalgia when I found the link. I wonder if the graduate program is significantly different though–would they know much about it?

  3. Emily says:

    Now that I think about it, the person to ask is probably Mac’s general study abroad coordinator (forgetting her name at the moment). She was very involved in my study abroad program, CUPA – she came to visit the program while I was there and knew the directors and everything – so it’s possible that she has a similar relationship with IFE and could advise.

    Your photos and blog are giving me the itch to go abroad again.

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