Up and down

That’s pretty much me these days.

The ups:
1) I keep meeting really cool people. I had a long conversation with this Colombian friend of Spanish Ana’s last night, who’s doing Erasmus Mundus here and studies education administration. We ran into some more Colombians at the salsa bar last night and they were really friendly. Hope to hang out before I leave.
2) Considering a trip to see my Italian neighbor Francesca in/around Milan in late July. There’s a great SNCF promo to Turin right now and it would only cost 30 euros Paris-Turin.
3) Finally some good weather here.
4) Birthday tomorrow.
5) Good visit from parents.
6) Getting more excited about starting up school again. I can’t imagining doing grad school right after graduating. I think I’ve chosen the perfect time to go back to studying.

The downs:
1) Want time to slow down. Is weird meeting cool people just at the end.
3) Miss my students already.
4) Out of money! How do I do it every month? I was good actually until I went to Ireland and Poland. Since then I’ve been broke at/before the end of every month. I get extra pay at the end of this month that I was hoping to use to pay off my plane ticket home. Looks like I might have to hold onto some of it to get through July (Morocco and possibly Milan). So I want badly for June 27th to arrive so that I’ll be paid, but on the other hand I don’t want it to arrive because it’ll bring me that much closer to leaving.

Just finished the first season of Six Feet Under from the mediatheque. Only problem with renting from them is that you never know what’s going to be there since they only have one copy of everything and you can keep each DVD for three weeks. Still, not complaining.


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