I think I owe an update. Things have been going on here.

1) My birthday was last Thursday. Doris and Linda dropped by bearing gifts around 5 and we had a mini celebration. Then I went to orchestra rehearsal. I received pretty much constant facebook messages and gifts all day which is nice because most people can’t really call me.
2) Saturday morning I got up at 6:30 to go to my (finally) last day of work. I watched the students take the TOIEC. It was nice to see them one last time but also sad. Then my boss and her husband took me out for lunch which was also nice, but I expect to see them at least one more time before leaving for good.
3) My orchestra played a concert at the fête de la musique (which was also Saturday) in the courtyard of the Musée des Beaux Arts. It was really nice. There were a lot of people–all the chairs were filled and apparently the official count of people who came to watch for even a little while was 1200. It was odd too though because we could hear all the music going on in the neighborhood.
4) Afterward I joined Sandra and some French girls and we wandered. The streets were packed full of people and we had to stop about every minute because one of us would run into someone we knew. I saw lots of my second years out and forgot that I had my camera with me so I didn’t get any pictures of them. =( We walked down the Place D’Erlon, past the theatre to the Place du Forum and I took a few pictures but my camera is fairly useless at night. Heres’s few crummy ones just to try to show you how packed the streets were:

And then I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot open. It’s okay though, it was a pretty small piece of glass and the cut is really small. The French girls found a policeman who called the Croix Rouge who pulled up about 20 minutes later in a van, put some brown antiseptic stuff on it, and had me sign a form saying I didn’t want to go to the hospital. There was mostly just a lot of blood and I can’t yet put my full weight on it.

It was my first fête de la musique in France and I really really liked it.

5) On Sunday Linda came over around 4:30 to start setting up for the party. We knew that my friends wouldn’t be here till later because of the Spain-Italy game. A few people came early and we turned the game on toward the very end, just in time to see Spain win. In the end a few people stuck around playing I Never till 6 am. It was funny to be at a party (granted, it was the day after the solstice) where we watched the sun go down and then come back up. Doris took lots of pictures and she brought me and Linda roses.

6) The orchestra played another concert tonight, the last of the year, and we went out for drinks after. I may see a few of these people again in July though since there is a wedding that needs musicians.

So most of the Erasmus students are leaving Friday. I saw one of my favorite students for the last time at the party last night and I was fairly sad about it. There is supposed to be a party Thursday night, and I’m supposed to hang out one last time with a few other people. Then I leave on the 1st for St Malo! And the soldes start Wednesday! Of course I am going to wait for my paycheck to buy anything.


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