De petites taches

that I’m the worst at getting done when I have lots of time to do it. Well anyway so far I have at least

1) sent in my apartment application for next year
2) finished my Stafford loan application (I think, it was all a bit confusing really…)
3) figured out health insurance (although really I can’t claim this task for myself, it’s my dad who took care of it in record time)

I have left to do:
1) make and go to a bank appointment to talk about leaving my account open, cutting Orange’s access to my account, and ending my insurance
2) cutting my phone line (but that can wait till the last minute more or less)
3) mailing off my books
4) give many, many things to Linda (printer, air mattress, tv, bookshelf, bedding, kitchen utensils)

And banks are closed on Mondays anyway.

We went to the annual picnic concert in the champagne park on Saturday night and joined one of the cellists from the orchestra and her sister. It was pretty nice. French picnics are serious though. Like, they have real dishes.

I guess I’ll go stack up some books.


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