It's a beautiful day in Reims but

I have no one to share it with! It doesn’t bother me really but it does seem like a shame to waste the day. Linda is busy and I don’t want to bother the other like, three friends who are still here. I already went out walking but was so tempted by the many shoe stores that I decided to just come home where I’ve been trying to find internship abroad programs.

So here’s the story on that…

I’m trying to decide if it’s reasonable to talk immediately to my advisor when I get to UT about doing a possible teaching internship in France. I would be looking to do something more involved, obviously, than what I’ve done here already. There are lots of programs that claim they can hook you up with an appropriate internship in France. Here’s the most promising one I’ve found:

Nantes Internships:”IES offers students the opportunity to teach in French écoles primaires (elementary schools), collèges (junior high schools), and lycées (high schools). The work requires at least four hours of supervised teaching each week. Interns are evaluated by both the teacher and the school principal. Interns must also take the accompanying seminar (IN395) on Methodology and Pedagogy (1.5 hours per week) and are required to prepare a research project in connection with the course. Students earn 3 credit hours for the combined practicum and seminar participation.”

But I can’t tell if you can do it as a graduate student or just an undergrad.

Anyway I think it would be interesting to pair an internship abroad with an internship in Austin and I know there’s at least one international school there.

So I’m eager to get started on planning this but I don’t want to give my advisor the impression that I’m doing it all just in order to get back to France (which to be honest is obviously part of it). But since I want to start my career in France (and since these deadlines are all kind of early) it seems reasonable to talk about this from the get-g0, right? right? Someone please affirm me, I’m codependent.


2 thoughts on “It's a beautiful day in Reims but

  1. Hi!
    delurking because I saw you mentioned IES Nantes, I think its purely undergrad. I did my study abroad program with them in fall 2001 and at that time it was only undergrad and I do remember someone coming in to talk to us about doing that internship for credit. At the time I didn’t think I’d ever want to teach so I didn’t do it (haha) but I think it is basically an assistantship type gig with less hours.
    You could contact them anyway, you never know!

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