I’m in Boston chez le frère. I am also quite crévée. Excuse the franglish, I’m slightly in mourning over the fact that I won’t have to use it for another nine months (except, um, in class).

It’s really weird to be back. I cried a lot this morning while I finished packing up in the Y’s apartment but after that I’ve been generally okay. I had a good few conversations with the Irish woman next to me on my Dublin-Boston flight. I caught up on Project Runway.

I miss everyone back in France but in reality I didn’t get to see anyone all that often toward the end since it was summer, so it’s not really that big of a change. I think I just miss the comfort of being in France. Being back feels almost like normal and I think that’s what’s weirdest about it. Am in slight denial. Refuse to change my facebook time zone.

Am sort of thinking that the school year will probably go fast and I’ll be planning my summer back in France before I know it. And that, after all, once I get the degree, coming back to France is a pretty logical step even if I hadn’t already decided to do it. It’s not like I’ll have a job here either. (Well, I guess I shouldn’t count on anything.)

I think it was a good idea to come to Boston first though. I showed Frère two episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I just love to share the joy.


2 thoughts on “Back

  1. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’m really jealous of people who return to the US… I feel guilty for wanting to go back, even just temporarily. But there are so many things I miss. my dog. the rest of my books. my parents’ back yard. Target. cheddar cheese. donuts. ::sigh::

    I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I need to hunt down more episodes. TV always makes me feel a little closer to the US.

  2. Yeah, there are things I miss too. I love my parents’ dogs but at least they aren’t mine so I know I wouldn’t be able to live with them here either! And bagels with lots of cream cheese. And though I love France I do hope to work together a non-temporary-feeling existence, you know, where I can slowly get to have a nice apartment with nice things and feel established.

    I briefly considered showing the episode of It’s Always Sunny where the gang buys a gun to my French engineering students (because of the French fascination with American gun rights), but upon rewatching it I decided it was just sadly too inappropriate for school.

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