From a L’Express.fr (which I found through the maze of other ex-assistants’ blogs) ranking of the 96 departements in France:

La Meuse (ie Bar le Duc) comes out 94 of 96.

Departement : Meuse
Classement général: 94/96
Le classement pour les jeunes: 96/96
Le classement pour les familles: 94/96
Le classement pour les seniors : 90/96

Total Cadre de vie: 482 (49/96)
Proximité du littoral:0 (71/96)
Proximité de la montagne:1 (46/96)
Les sites dangereux:10 (37/96)
Part d’espaces naturels: 96% (7/96)

Total Commerce: 201 (81/96)
Ikea, Fnac, Virgin et Cultura dans le département : 0 (77/96)
Total Culture: 234 (87/96)
L’offre culturelle institutionnelle:5 (69/96)
Indice cinéma:348 (96/96) (yeah I did see some crappy movies last year)

Total Dynamisme économique: 396 (87/96)
Croissance de l’emploi:1% (93/96)

Total Enseignement supérieur: 333 (86/96)
Etudiants:1 219 (86/96)
La part d’étudiants:1% (84/96)

Total Immobilier: 10 (3/96)
Prix d’une maison: 102 089 (4/96)
Prix d’un appartement: 1 046 (6/96)
Indice Offre internet: 155 (78/96)
L’accés à une offre internet concurrentielle: 26% (79/96)
L’accés à une offre internet multiple: 27% (76/96)
La réussite au bac: 83% (38/96)

Total météo : 259 (94/96)
Le soleil: 1 638 (73/96)
La température moyenne: 10 (92/96)
Jours de pluie par an (days of rain per year): 141 (94/96) (uh yeah it rained way too much)

Total Puissance: 757 (93/96)
Les emplois: 67 785 (86/96)
Les emplois hautement qualifiés: 1 675 (90/96)
La population: 192 500 (84/96)
Les étudiants: 1 219 (86/96)
Les étudiants de grandes écoles:0 (77/96)
L’espérance de vie: 78 (89/96)
Le chémage (unemployment): 8% (76/96)

So, houses are cheap and we have a lot of green space (I don’t know why I say we, I haven’t lived there for a year). But everything else seems to suck. Someone had told me at some point that it was one of the poorest departements in France.

La Marne, where Reims is, on the other hand, seems pretty squarely average.


2 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. mom says:

    I thought Bar-le-Duc was sweet. I would love to live there. Seeing the prix d’une maison, I think we might retire there.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for the link! Nord, where Lille is, is apparently schizophrenic. The education and cultural aspects are near the top, but health and “situation sociale” are at the bottom.

    Also, I find it hilarious that the number of IKEAs in the area help to calculate the quality of life.

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