Today was weird.

Dad and I set off for Austin (from San Antonio) at around 9:15 this morning. I nearly fell asleep in the car and felt bad because I thought I should be providing stimulating conversation in order to help him stay awake.

No one’s really living in my house in Austin yet. The other roommates (whom I haven’t yet met…) aren’t moving in till later this week. I sweated so much while we were moving things in that I could not believe it. It was dripping off of my forehead onto my eyelids. Texas is just ungodly humid. Evolution has not caught up with it yet because clearly, sweating here does no good.

I didn’t take any pictures of the inside but here’s the outside:

I have a decent-sized room and a double bed, and the place itself is cute. And I’m within walking distance to a Central Market. So come visit!

We turned the AC on while I was unpacking which helped A LOT. Then we went to a deli down the street for lunch. It felt very much like an Austin deli, very unassuming in its coolness.

And shortly after that we came back here (San Antonio) because I didn’t feel like hanging out all alone without internet in the new place. But my orientation is Wednesday morning so Mom is going to take me back tomorrow evening to actually spend the night. I haven’t decided if I’ll come back with her to College Station on Thursday. It all depends how I feel.

Right now I feel pretty weird. It’s like the amount of time that I could feel like I was just vacationing here has passed and it’s actually settling in that I’ve really left France. And it’s not that here feels bad, or that anything is that ugly, or that boring, or that negative in general. It’s just that I miss my old life at every turn. Stupid things (like unpacking) bring back little memories that make me miss it again and again.

It’s a new and weird feeling. I always have trouble moving to new places but usually there’s a sense of motivation that carries me through. Moving to Bar le Duc was so much harder than this, in theory. And I determinedly pulled through. So why does this feel harder? Why am I not excited about the things I was excited about just a couple of weeks ago?

I got my new cell phone number tonight which made me feel better. It’s funny the things that make me feel better and worse.


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