Three things

A. So I was super bored and jacked up on coffee (okay it really doesn’t take much since I never drink it) last night and I didn’t have internet so that’s when I wrote that last post and that’s why it’s a bit different from normal.

B. The French Post lost my books. I got my books in the mail today only they weren’t in there. The box was taped up and suspiciously light. All that was in there was my binder of teaching materials from the past two years (which is good, because that was not replaceable). So somewhere along the way they lost:

1) L’Histoire de la France pour les Nuls
2) A Course in Phonetics by Peter Ladefoged
3) Cultural Misunderstandings (how ironic)
4) French or Foe (again)
5) Les Français by Laurence Wylie and Jean-François Briere (my copy did not have that cover though)
5) And the French cookbook that my boss gave me the last day I saw her.

There was a letter from USPS in Saint Paul saying what had happened in very vague terms, and that if I was “unsatisfied” (duh) with the “condition” (read: absence) of the “contents” (what contents?) of my package I should contact them with a list of what was missing.

Dammit! I paid 76 euros to lose that shit!

C. I wimped out and am in CS for the weekend where there are people and dogs and internet.


3 thoughts on “Three things

  1. Ladefoged!!!! I had to memorize that book for my Phonetics course in grad school. He died during that semester and I was so sad. I love phonetics because of him.

    La Poste sucks big time. I never trust them with anything. Sorry they stole your books. 😦

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