I went to see Bottle Shock tonight with the other FLE girl from my program. It was pretty good, I recommend. It made me remember how I used to think California (and I’ve only been to northern California) was one of the places the U.S. has that really rivals Europe for natural beauty and how it made me feel like there was no need to cross the ocean if we had stuff like that here.

Then I came home and was trying to listen to music and couldn’t because of my nostalgia problem, so I made my list below and now I’m missing France as usual and remembering that, no, California just won’t do.

But it was definitely a good movie and definitely had some amazing shots of Napa Valley.

I also went to the Buffalo Exchange because I’ve found I’ve forgotten how to dress in Texas in the summer (I don’t care if it’s September, it’s still summer here). And then I noticed they were hiring so I filled out an online application. I have a sort-of interview somewhere else Monday. I’ll explain where if I get the job.


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