The reason, if you were wondering (you were, don’t deny it), that I always title my posts even with just meaningless punctuation is that if I don’t, the template makes the first line the title and everything else gets squished down into one little column and it takes up more space.

So now that I’ve solved that mystery for you, I’ll ramble on some other topics that I don’t think I’ve rambled about yet or for a while.

I’ve been planning out my degree and though normally it is a two year program, I don’t see any way it will take me two years and I’m not particularly determined to make it work that way, considering that I’m living on loans and whatnot. So it’s quite possible that (even with not being here this summer) I will be done next December. Questions….
1) If I finish in December what will I do with myself for six months? I hope to sign this lease again next August for another year so I’ll still have the room in Austin. And the rent’s pretty cheap. Would it possible to make any money living here? I guess I could temp. Oh God, I don’t want to temp. I’ve never tried it but all I can imagine is data entry. It doesn’t feel like a good way to celebrate a masters degree.
2) Is it possible for me to come up with some fantastic research project that takes all of fall semester and requires me to take no classes? Like, could I intern at a bilingual/international school? I know there are some in Austin but one is montessori which I know nothing about (except that Emily H assured me many times that it teaches you how to pour really well) and neither website looks very promising in terms of latching myself onto the schools in some way.

Relevant France-related plans involve applying to work at American Villages next summer because it looks adorable. I’m going to ask to work with the adorable age, which I imagine will be exhausting but adorable.

Afterward I am of course hoping to go back to France in some way, shape or form. I could write to my ex-boss and ask if she wants me back. I could apply for other lecteur/maitre de langue positions because I only did it for one year and as far as I know you can do it for two. Or I could be an assistant again. I think I’ll probably go with one of the first two options (because that assistant salary just doesn’t seem that attractive anymore).

In the meantime I am seriously considering passing the CAFEP d’anglais (unofficial acronym explanations here) to teach in private Catholic schools in France. Normally it’s a two-year program with the first year spent studying and the second year (after passing the exam) spent interning and taking pedagogy classes that, according to my ex-stagiare friends, are useless. But that year you’re paid so whatever. But I think it would be easier to arrange all of this if I were already in France, spending another year as a language-teacher-peon-type as I have been. That way all competence interviews and information-getting could be done with actual people.

As for the present, I’m eating lunch with two francophile couchsurfers tomorrow and then Friday I’ll be sitting around in the morning waiting for the AT&T guy to come make our internet work (we’re still sharing with the neighbors even though we have a very pretty AT&T modem/router finally). And by the way, you do have to pay for the tech visit here in the U.S. too. Over the past month I’ve come to the conclusion that U.S. internet providers are no better than their French couterparts. Both seem adept at the abitrary. Except that I had good luck in France and bad luck here. And then there’s a department potluck Friday evening and then I’m going to San Antonio to househunt with the parents. I may also buy a bathroom rug. Alert the media.


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