I hate living next to a recording studio.

I really, really hate it. I don’t think I would have moved here if I had been warned. It’s a great house and the roommates are great. But I absolutely hate living next to all this noise.

They have a bad habit of playing past 11 on school nights. I think I could probably work out some agreement with them on this (especially since the city ordinance for noise is for 10:30 pm.)

But what do I do about the evenings when I want to stay in and study? Or the Sunday afternoons when I have to stop doing work because I can’t concentrate in my room (as in, RIGHT NOW)? Or even when it’s not an entire band playing, when it’s just one guitarist, I STILL hate hearing the low drone come through my wall for hours on end. Then it’s not even that loud. I mean how reasonable is it to go next door at 5 pm on a Sunday and say your music’s bothering me? It’s not reasonable and I’m sure they wouldn’t see it that way. I’d never dream of doing that if they were playing the flute. But then, a flute is an awful lot quieter. Maybe a trombone is a better example.

I actually think it provokes anxiety for me. As soon as I hear it once I can’t stop worrying that they’re going to go on all day or all afternoon or late into the evening. I can’t enjoy a lot of things, like watching movies with my headphones on in an effort to not hear it. I find myself pausing to hear if it’s still going on to see if I can relax or not.

It drives me crazy. I don’t know what to do about it. Do I go on anti-anxiety pills? Do I trade rooms with one of my roommates who’s hardly ever around? Do I move (eugh, that’s not really an option)? Do I talk to the landlord (our houses are owned by the same people)? Do I go explain my entire complex to the guys next door? They are pretty nice–they shared their internet with us for a month–but I think they would think I’m crazy.

I really don’t know what to do. But it makes me cry and I don’t think I can just ignore it and try to get used to it.


4 thoughts on “I hate living next to a recording studio.

  1. Emily says:

    Is it an honest-to-God recording studio with equipment and everything? Like, legally a recording studio? Because if it is, surely there are special ordinances that govern it, like the fact that if it’s in a residential neighborhood, it needs to be soundproofed.

    If it’s not, and it’s just a band that keeps late hours, I would try talking to the landlord. But I’m a chicken who hates conflict.

  2. It’s not a real recording studio. I think it’s a guy who runs his own little studio and band practices out of his house. Otherwise I think there would be sound insulation built in there.

  3. Hi Eileen! I’m pretty sure it was you who commented on my blog…if not, sorry! Anyways, just wanted to suggest putting your headphones on and listening to relaxing music while studying. Or are you the kind of person that needs complete silence? Otherwise, it isn’t a bad idea to just go there in a friendly way and explain the situation. Maybe you could find out if they have some sort of schedule and you guys could arrange something? I know it sucks and I know I would probably end up just dealing with it, but I like to pretend that I’m full of good advice anyways… GL!

  4. Yes it was me! Jennie told me about your blog a week or so ago so I started lurking. Actually the landlord came by today and talked to them and they must have moved to another end of the house or something because I can just barely tell there is a drum set being played in the distance but it is SO MUCH QUIETER. Otherwise, listening to my own music is a past tactic of mine but I find it doesn’t always help enough…

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