My French-Poste-blaming letter to USPS

It would probably have been more blamey if they hadn’t lost so much stuff that the list takes up so much space.

I can’t believe they lost so much awesome stuff. And so much stuff that was about French and American cultural relations. It’s almost too ironic to be coincidental…


6 thoughts on “My French-Poste-blaming letter to USPS

  1. Laurel says:

    That is so sad, they took Our Dumb World too!!

    I don’t get it, why did the box get opened between when you mailed it and when you arrived?? Did they think it was a security threat or something?

  2. No, I bet they just threw it around so much that it fell open and everything fell out (except my teaching binder). Then it arrived in the US where the USPS taped it back up, gave me my letter, and sent it on.

    I clearly attribute all competently-executed parts of this transaction to the USPS and blame everything on La Poste.

  3. Laurel says:

    It’s the principle of the thing though. I lost a pencil pouch recently that mostly contained pens I’ve gotten for free from various places, plus 2 pencils that I had just bought. My total loss was like $5 worth of stuff. But it still continues to bother me. Where are all those writing implements? Is someone using them or are they just lying in some street somewhere? And it was due to my own stupidity! Although I can’t decide if that makes it worse or better than if it were due to someone else’s, as in your situation.

  4. Yeah, maybe I’ll make myself feel better by imagining all sorts of culturally-positive things happening with those lost books. I mean, they have to be in someone’s hands even if the box fell apart on the boat.

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