I got my hair did.

And by did I mean dyed, or highlighted. For free! I went out with Roommate A Saturday night and this woman she knows asked if I would be interested in being a color model. She’s doing some demonstrations at a salon downtown as part of some sort of interview process to potentially work there. She did this fancy technique where you don’t use foil or anything, you just paint directly on the hair. Anyway am very happy with it though it is very subtle so I’m not sure you can tell too well:









I am so tired.

I’m also thinking about how to possibly do my degree in one year. It wouldn’t really be a year. I could do everything but the report by next August. So am going to talk to the advisors about their take on doing the report from somewhere else. If that doesn’t fly, and if I’m sure I want to do it in one year, I could come back and do the report next summer. In the meantime I’d have to start looking for work back in France around February. I don’t think it will be hard to get another lectrice job. Anything more permanent than that though is a bit intimidating. Did I say a bit? I meant a lot.


5 thoughts on “I got my hair did.

  1. Thanks! Those are of course hair-dresser-produced curls in that photo. Mine are a bit frizzier. There was a name for the dyeing technique, something two-syllables ending with -age but I don’t remember what it is.

  2. It is subtle, but in a good way…it looks totally natural! Very pretty! As for permanent jobs in France, bon courage. I’m sure if you’re motivated something will work out, fingers crossed for you!

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