Not a whole lot to say here. Getting advised this week so hopefully I’ll have some ideas about the degree plan. Am starting to wonder where to try to plant myself back in France. It’s tempting to try a new place but it’s also tempting to stay in places where I already have a network (as in, Nancy and Reims).

I went to SA for the weekend. I got a lot of work done. My parents are trying to buy a house there. Boris and Otto suspect nothing.

I’ve decided to renew my passport since I don’t know when I’ll next be in the U.S. for a big chunk of time. It’ll be weird to start afresh. I’ve got so many stamps in there.

I bought a laser printer so I can stop mooching off of friends and paying at the library. But I forgot that you have to buy the cable to your computer separately (seriously, why?) so I’ll go do that tomorrow.

Oh, and I got a job at a burger place. Going in Tuesday to fill out papers but the place isn’t finished yet so I won’t start working till November.

Also went to see W. Not sure what I thought.


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  1. ksam says:

    I know, I test printers for HP and when I learned they don’t normally send a USB cable with because they’re not sold as part of the printer package, I was like “WTF? Cheap bastards”. It definitely went in my report, who knows if it will make a difference though!

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