I got a job at a burger place. It’s not waiting tables, it’s building burgers and working the register. It’s like five blocks from here. I’ll start when the place is done being built in November. Yay for cash flow.

Also am going to finally go in to sign a contract with the tutoring service on Friday. If I pick up enough students I’ll let go of the other job but I’m pretty sure that’ll take a while.

Talked to Advisor 1 today about the possibility of doing my report while I’m in France and she said she didn’t think it would be a problem. You just have to get all the paperwork in and keep up with your report advisor. So I should probably run it by Advisor 2 but I’m not too worried about it.

Am so tired. Had a frustrating French homework assignment and e-mailed the professor for help and got what seemed like an irritated answer back. It kind of killed my motivation. I wonder if e-mail is just a cursed medium.


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