I’m trying to figure out why Austin isn’t my dream city.

1) It’s really, really friendly. Strangers talk to each other. They apologize. They commiserate. It’s never weird or awkward in the slightest.
2) The weather is insane. It’s still hitting 85 degrees here in the afternoon, and it’s always, always sunny.
3) There are a lot of cool commercial neighborhoods.
4) Downtown is a hive of activity. Sorry to use a cliche phrase. But they block off sixth street every Saturday because of how many people are down there.
5) The beer is really good. Shiner is on tap everywhere along with one or two microbreweries.
6) There are bikers everywhere (though not bike lanes). And the drivers are really nice to them.
7) The place is really friendly for people with disabilities. The buses announce everything in two languages.

The cons:
1) It’s pretty much constant allergy season, though not allergy season at its worst. I wear my contacts for most of the day but usually not the morning.
2) There’s not a lot of ambiance. I mean the buildings and streets don’t have much of a feel to them, besides there being a lot of space in general.
3) The bus system kind of blows. Okay, I’m absolutely sure there is worse in other cities in the states. But I’m tired of my bus being anywhere from 15 minutes late to 5 minutes early. What is the point of a bus schedule? Plus, they only come every half-hour.

But I mean overall it is an amazing place. I know a lot of my friends from France would think I’m crazy to want to go back there. Why do I want to go back to northern France where it is rainy, cold, dark, and unfriendly? And all they serve is Kronenberg and Blanche de Bruges? I am so tired of that stuff.

And yet I do still want to go back. But I’ve decided to look at it as taking one year at a time instead of planting myself there forever, mostly because it’s too stressful to think of planning my life out for that long. If I fail or get sick of it, I can always move to Boston. It was pretty cool. I think I prefer places with some sense of history.


What do you think?

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