Finally something to report

I had les filles (I guess they’re the new ones, I still think of Zandra and Chelsey as les filles) over for wine and cheese Thursday night since Thursday is my Friday. It was quite nice and classmates S and A stayed late listening to me be plaintive about the constant noise from next door (ironically, they have been very quiet this week). Over the course of a very sympathetic hour they convinced me that it would be worth it and it would also be easy to move. So I am moving!

I told classmate D and he forwarded me an e-mail about a couple looking for someone to house-sit/rent their apartment while they are in Paris from January till June. (No wheels were yet turning in my head to put two and two together and figure out who they might be.) So I e-mailed and explained who I was and what I was looking for in an apartment (quiet, proximity to campus) and they said it sounded promising and we could talk on Sunday. Before that I received an e-mail from the Y’s who are still in Paris. It turns out these are the people who own the apartment the Y’s are in in Paris (the Y’s had to move apartments in August so this is not actually the apartment I stayed in when I visited them so many times) and where I have been for dinner. They spend six months in Austin and six months in Paris every year, which I knew, but it didn’t at all occur to me that these might be the same people. So the Y’s recommended me to the people, I went over this morning, and it is all set, I will be moving in January 8th when I get back from Tucson. The place has two bedrooms but they will put all their stuff in one. It’ll be open though so I could use it for guests if I ever have any. The kitchen is nice with a washer and dryer although the oven doesn’t work. Then there is a living room and a full bathroom. It’s a top-floor apartment in a building with probably six apartments. They said it’s very quiet, and it’s a five minute walk from here, so I would still use the same bus stop.

I can’t even say how happy I am about it. The place is so nice and all I have to do is pay slightly more rent than I pay here, water their plants (although she did not seem overly concerned about them), and take in their mail. I think the place will be positively dreamy.

I told my roommates and they are sad but not too shocked. One of them asked if I would rather switch rooms with her than move out, but this apartment is such a great deal that I’d rather just move. So now I have to find a sub-letter. (I’ll also have to find a place to stay in July and early August while I’m still taking summer classes but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Maybe I’ll just sleep on S’s couch.)

I did speak French to the husband and man, my French is rusty. It’s mostly my accent, I think.

Anyway, now that I have a futon and a spare bed to put people up on, I think everyone should come. Prime times for visits are the third week of March and the last two weeks of May.

On a related note, my parents closed on their beautiful new house in SA today.


3 thoughts on “Finally something to report

  1. Laurel says:

    Wait, that is so exciting. Too bad you’re not moving in until after I leave TX this Xmas. I will try to find an excuse to come at some point before the end of June.

  2. I do find it kind of odd, since it’s one of their permanent residences. But I lived without an oven in France, in fact, most apartments don’t have them there. So I’m pretty used to it. Also, I mean, I’m not much of a cook really.

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