Very little to say

that feels like it’s worth saying. I turned down a date (well, more like said yes and then canceled, which is a lot more like me) with a guy at work this week and felt bad about it. We got hit with a secret shopper Wednesday night when I was working and we scored 100 so probably I should be getting paid a little extra next paycheck. I’ve been working more than normal this weekend because I got all next week off for Thanksgiving to go to Detroit. It’s my first Thanksgiving in two years! Apparently Mom and I will be making do in my grandfather’s barely used kitchen.

I think I’m probably going to quit the job though. I need three weeks off at Christmas and I don’t see how they could really afford to give me that. Also I need something that pays a little better. I’m torn over it because I really like the people.

I keep finding euro centimes in my coat pockets (I own a lot of coats) and it makes me smile. I miss France. I’m going to ask for my old job back for next year. But I can’t really do that till January at the earliest. Austin is a very cool city but I miss places that have less space and older buildings. I was thinking if I do end up in the U.S., I might look at New England.

Sorry these posts have been so boring. There are a lot of things I think I probably shouldn’t say on my blog which is why the posts end up so boring. Today I was thinking about JS and how I still have such mixed feelings about him and I probably should forgive him for breaking my heart, because, well, I can. Not that he would ever really know, as far as I can tell; I was never mean to him after the break-up (or before, if we’re counting…). I got an e-mail from him on the morning of election day (not the only foreign friend e-mail that morning actually) but I don’t really know where he is or what he’s up to, and I don’t really want to ask. But I wouldn’t mind actually being friends with him some day. I’d like to show him that I’m a more interesting person than I think he gave me credit for. But then I don’t really know what he thought of me, beyond that it was generally positive–almost everything he thought was basically enshrouded in mystery and I was just making educated guesses.

Umm, what else? We had an MA student lunch with two of our professors where the program head said we were the most social bunch of MA students she’d ever seen in the department and she thought it was great. I do think we are a cool bunch. I’m quite happy to have run into these girls (and two boys, it’s a typical teacher ed ratio).

I spoke some pathetic Spanish with the monolingual Cuban boy at work today. He didn’t seem to mind how terrible it was. Plus I kept saying “ouais.”


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