Stuff's going pretty good

I decided not to quit the job and felt a lot a lot better. I told them that I’m flexible on when I leave to CS for Xmas but once I’m there I won’t be back till Jan 9th (after seeing E, O, and Z in Tucson!!) and they seemed fine with that so we’ll see what happens. Tomorrow I leave for Detroit where it will be COLD. I’m trying to pack. I’m taking my Ugg boots. I’m kind of over them but I feel that the French boots might be too fancy for wearing around my grandfather’s apartment and the hotel. So, now that you know my thought process on that, I’m going to go deposit my paychecks.


2 thoughts on “Stuff's going pretty good

  1. Laurel says:

    Ah, wait, we know a lot about the boot thought process but not about the one that kept you from quitting your job. Pourquoi? I thought your reasons for quitting were well-justified. But I imagine your reasons for not quitting are well-justified as well. See you sooooooon(ish)

  2. Yeah… that one’s kinda hard to explain. It just suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could make the request for time off over the holidays in a reasonable-sounding way and keep the job, because I need the money, and because people are really nice there. In the meantime I’ll probably keep looking for something that pays more.

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