Have gone to CS

where the pollen levels of mountain cedar (ashe juniper) are much, much lower and I can breathe and concentrate on other things. In a few days I’ll go to Tucson where I think it will be even lower. Then at a later point I’ll return to Austin where my face will explode for probably another month. I’ll probably go to the doctor to see if he can give me anything powerful to suppress my stupid immune system. I HATE CEDAR FEVER. But my new apartment has an air purifying system that should be pretty great. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably complain a lot.

My dad bought some Mumm champagne for us. =) It’s hard not to think about how I’ve been in the U.S. for over four months now but I try pretty hard. I saw Meredith S today and I haven’t seen her in about four years.

Merry Christmas everyone. =) This is our last Christmas in Aggieland.


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