The New Year

has always felt sort of irrelevant to me because my years still revolve around the academic calendar. Nothing changes on January first; everything changes either in May or September. So a review of January to December 08 seems a little pointless but I’m in the mood. (Also I’m in the DFW airport and have, like, a year till my flight so I’m quite bored.) Also I found my boarding pass from my flight back to France last Christmas, still in the passport pocket of my laptop bag, which is always a little weird.

January: January was really a bit depressing if I remember right. I flew back to France on Dec 31st because it was the cheapest day but I didn’t have to work for another two weeks, and everyone was either not around or busy. I think I blew through all three seasons of Arrested Development (my brother has turned out to be very good at buying me tv shows on DVD). I joined the orchestra.

February: I wanted to go to Italy and didn’t. L and D and I ended up having fun anyway with our week off. I found out I got into UT.

March: I realized I couldn’t really afford to do the NYU in Paris program. I spent a lot of introspective bus rides mourning the end of my life in France (still several months off). I started hanging out with Spanish Ana and American J.

April: I finally got to travel and blew all of my money in Poland (very cheap) and Ireland (not cheap at all) where I started couchsurfing and met Canadian R, who I’m still randomly in touch with and who is Awesome.

May: I hung out a lot with Ana and Jessi, met Fra and Sandra. Laurel came to visit! I spent the wee hours of one night velib-ing around Paris. Life got generally a lot more interesting. Oh yeah and I sent in my acceptance to UT.

June: Parents came to Reims. I went to Versailles. I didn’t work very much but when I did we mostly played Apples to Apples in class (awesome, by the way). Hung out with the Erasmus students at various bars, apartments, and basement garages (okay only one basement garage).

July: I went to Saint Malo where I said to my mother, “If someone was born here, why would they ever leave?” because it really is beautiful, but I do understand that the cold and the wet might get to you. I went to Morocco with Malavika. I panicked a lot about leaving France. I gave away a lot of stuff to Linda.

August: I spent a very fun week in Paris visiting things I’d been putting off for two years, seeing friends and strangers, and buying a couple of last minute things that you can’t find in the U.S. Then I got up one morning and got on a plane and left France. I saw my brother in Boston. After that I spent three weeks playing with the dogs, eating in restaurants with my parents, and moving to Austin, where it was hot and sweaty. Marveled at the fact that Austin buses are bilingual.

September: Still hot in Austin. Went to ACL and was happy to see Jessi who came down from Kansas City for it. Took classes.

October: Met up with Lisa from high school to go see the joyfest that is the So You Think You Can Dance tour. Went to class. Parents bought a house? Voted.

November: Felt general relief about the state of the country. Celebrated Thanksgiving in Detroit. Starting working a low-paying part-time job.

December: Got a 4.0 for the first time ever. Spent a final week in College Station. Went to Tucson to see Emily and Orlando and Kris and Zandra and round out the year with old friends.

Conclusion: The year was more or less framed around the return to the U.S. in August, as I expected it would be. Austin is very cool. France is still better, and I still want to go back.

Tonight I’m moving into the new apartment and hoping that a cedar fever attack doesn’t do me in completely.


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