A landscape selected at random

Click refresh and see what happens!

Here’s what they all are:

Boston brownstones
Morocco somewhere between Marrakech and Ouarzazate
Scotland outside Rosslyn Chapel
Bar le Duc seen from the Ville Haute
Bar le Duc castle ramparts seen from below
Moroccan desert sunrise
the beach at Sanint Malo
the back of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims

The only problem is that I had to change the stylesheet to add each one. And the software I have for editing the stylesheet is a 30-day trial. And I can’t edit it through textedit or the web because it tells me there are characters that can’t be read. ??

Edit: So I got a little carried away and added four more:
near Half Moon Bay, CA (2)
Essaouira beach port-side
out the window of the Louvre


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