I just sent off an e-mail asking if it’s possible to have my old job back for another year and am surprisingly nervous about it. I tried to phrase the e-mail so that she can say no without it being awkward. At least it’s evening though so she probably won’t read the e-mail till tomorrow.

I have an allergist appointment Thursday morning! I’m hoping he will either give me some magic drug or a steroid shot to shut down my immune system. As it is I’m not leaving the house till this evening. I’d rather not leave at all but I have to buy more allergy pills. There should be some sort of delivery service for allergy recluses. The good news is I got a good night of sleep last night because I bought the 12-hour sudafed, found some fancy decongestant nose spray, and used one of those strips people put on their noses. It was incredible, I could breathe perfectly all night!

So yeah, I’m kind of sick of drugging myself so much. When I wake up in the morning my eyes are really red and the right one is swollen and doesn’t open as far as usual. It looks kind of demented, to me, anyway. Also when I sleep my eyes still run a little so the eyelids start sticking to my eyes. I’d like all of this to stop. I think it’s insane that it’s even possible for my immune system to do this to me. I’m not sure I’ll ever complain about gray rainy days again (since currently they are my best hope for outdoor activity–why do Texas winter days have to be so beautiful and sunny??).

Anyway, I need sugar and olive oil so I think I’m going to join the co-op down the street tonight.

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