I learned many things about my feet today.

1) The metatarsal bone on my right foot is a good 2-3 mm longer than a normal person’s. The one on the left foot is 1-2 mm longer than normal.
2) This causes stiffness and pain because the bone after it can’t get up all the way over it (if that makes sense). A normal person has about a 65 degree range of motion up on the big toe; my left foot has about 30; my right foot has less than 10. This makes it hard to walk.
3) There are little bone spurs growing on the right (right foot) and left (left foot) sides of the joints. Sort of a bone ridge on top.
4) Fortunately, I still have all sorts of cartilage in there, so all is not doomed.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know what to do about it. Dr says definitely wear stiffer shoes so I bought some (they were way on sale and right down the street from the dr’s office). And I have these French orthotics that help a little. I might call back the other podiatrist’s office and ask him to go ahead and make me super stiff ones. But I’m not sure I want to spend $300 on them.

Other option is to have them go in and shave 2 mm off my metatarsal bone.

Dr said is very hard decision to make and I am agree. (Not sure why have reverted to Bridget Jones pronoun-less French English here.) I don’t know.

Pros of doing surgery soon:
1) Am going back to France and… I like American doctors better. Both of the ones I’ve seen for this here were better than the guy I saw in France. Know is big generalization but still.
2) Also, need sympathetic caretaker-type to take care of me after as will be moderately immobile for a bit. Parents live here. And they love me. No one in France loves me.
3) Would fix numerous problems such as:
‚Ä¢ The feet still hurt and I walk freakin everywhere, and I don’t want to buy a car, and I don’t see one in my future unless it’s at least three years down the line.
‚Ä¢ I can’t wear heels, which is not a big deal, but it does kind of suck because I am only 24 and I was hoping to be able to at least occasionally wear heels till I was at least, I dunno, middle aged, or not in the first flushes of youth (maybe bit of exaggeration there).
• Is actually quite hard to find shoes that are stiff all the way up with little flexion at the toe joints (exact spot where I need stiffness).

Cons of surgery:
1) Involves 6-week recovery time per foot. PER FOOT. I mean, unless you do them at the same time. Is not additive as though knowledge that other foot is broken too depresses first foot and takes longer to heal. But I don’t think I want to do them both at once as that renders one immobile. As in, Mom please help me I have to get off the couch and get to the bathroom now and am incapable of transporting self there.
2) Seems radical. But according to Dr only conservative things to do are to wear stiff soles and orthotics and that will never reverse the situation.
3) If cartilage DOES wear away completely, the bones will fuse, which is actually kind of good thing according to Dr, since then there is no more pain. Also is no more movement. (They do this sometimes on purpose to people with my problem when is clear is best thing to do.) Do not really like the thought of this possibility, especially since there is so much cartilage still there.
4) Dr says is rarely end of the affair. Sometimes another surgery is needed down the line.

Surgery kind of freaks me out. But I am leaning toward fixing the problem rather than letting it get worse. In any case, have an appointment with an orthopedist in Houston over spring break so will get another third opinion before I have to decide anything.

(Also, apologies for weird pronoun usage, the Bridget Jones effect takes some time to wear off. Love her.)


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