Can I just say

that I don’t understand why I have to take a French graduate level literature class? Literature is no longer my thing. I’m not going to be teaching in to college students. I’m not really going to be teaching it to any students unless I get lucky and work in an awesome high school. And yet I have to take this class with people who are getting their PhDs in French or Comparative Literature. I just feel that the level of effort I put into this class will not meet up to theirs because, well, it’s not really my thing. It doesn’t inform my degree all that much. It just stresses me out because it’s a class of eight people and I don’t want to be a dead weight. But for serious. I dun wanna.

I mean the stuff is interesting, I just would rather take an undergraduate lit course where the expectations are not quite so high. Graduate linguistics was fun. Graduate literature is not so much. Also have not taken a literature class in 2.5 years and never a graduate level one. Feel at a bit of a disadvantage. Would so much rather be in a linguistics class.

Also, final point: all of my ESL classmates can take undergraduate literature classes. Why not me? Why why why? Is really not fair.

Am making stew tonight for Maryann who is going to come over and watch FNL with me. Is hard to watch without giving things away, like, Oh yeah Tyra and Tim were together how WEIRD is that. And yeah, I wish Jason wouldn’t get into this murderball business so hardcore because doesn’t he know his real calling is to be a *********** in ********? And that he’s going to get his dream job by being super awesome and because of Tim who cries when he can tell his best friend’s finally moving on but is totally happy for him? (censored for Laurel who has not yet seen Season 3) Phew. This is hard. Love Friday Night Lights so very much.

Also is actually v hard not to be a little confused by the continuity issues. I know is a high school drama and sometimes they do that to retain characters and is necessary evil plus love characters all incredibly anyway. But still. Tim does not seem like a sophomore in the 1st season. Nor does Lyla. Don’t really care though because am very grateful they stayed around and *****************. Must stop now.


One thought on “Can I just say

  1. Laurel says:

    hahahhaha. When I first saw the *s, I was like “Is she censoring this for me?” Then I read on and yes, yes you were. Appreciated. We’ll get to it soon. I was whistling Devil Town the other day and Ed was like “Hey, we should watch season 3 of FNL sometime.” We’ve got him hooked.

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