Is weird to have day mostly to self.

Really refreshing. I went into campus this morning and then my tutoring student canceled on me so I spent 2 hours doing homework before my research meeting that ended early. So then I ran all my errands (including buying a new pair of Danskos!–in brown brush-off leather) and was back here by 2:30. So then I took a nap. Am amazed that I was tired enough to sleep that hard. And now it is not even 5 and I have most of the work done that I meant to get done and alllll evening to myself. Is quite frankly amazing.

Still feeling grumpy about grad lit class. But I reviewed the other choices and realized the reason I didn’t even consider taking an undergrad lit class was because I had read many of the books on their reading lists already. So am just going to suck it up. Well, will try anyway.

Also am slightly grumpy about transcribing in my undergrad ling class. Surely there is actually an m in embarquer? an eng in anguille?’ an n in entier? is it really possible to close up your velum immediately as you close your lips and whatnot? I think not. And when I mentioned it they answered by explaining to me what is a nasal vowel. Which, by the way, know.

Sorry for gripe. Also ordered a bag from zappos. Considered this and this as well but decided to go less formal and more space. Is for school.

Had my first couchsurfer this past weekend and she was quite nice. I felt like a little bit of a loser for not knowing better where to take her but we went to Sixth Street which always impresses me. I mean, not so much the bars on it, but the sheer number of people who are out walking in the streets, the number of street stands selling food that smells good and not-so-good, and the amount of music coming both out of the bars and from the miscellaneous bums playing miscellaneous improvised instruments in the street. I think she had a good time.


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