I knew

it was a bad idea to have my boyfriend of the time set up wordpress for me when I started this blog. And I remember being frustrated that he wasn’t explaining everything to me but then I figured we’d be together for years so it wouldn’t really matter. Over time I’ve figured out how to edit my own templates and found my own free ftp software (I still use Cyberduck). Anna and I have sent a proposal to our conference here that is blog-related and so I had to start a new blog and it was incredibly, incredibly frustrating. But I succeeded! Mostly it was confusing figuring out where on my web server to create a new database, and I never did figure out how to run two blogs off of one database, though it’s supposed to be possible.

Speaking of web servers, ours doesn’t have the latest mySQL and php. Can anyone out there recommend a good one that does? We pay so little now per year ($40 including domain registration) that I’m reluctant to switch but I’d really like to move beyond WordPress 1.5.


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