Yes it's another allergy post.

There are lots of reasons why being allergy-sick is different from being virus-sick.

1) There’s no chance of recuperation. Lying around all day is way easier than doing stuff but there’s no way it’ll get you any better. (Staying inside, on the other hand, can help a lot, but as soon as you go outside, that’s all down the drain)
2) Because of #1 you end up going places, like work, and class, where people have normal expectations of you that you just can’t live up to.
3) Which they don’t really understand. If you’re out, in normal logic, it must mean you’re feeling well enough to work and study, which isn’t necessarily true. I just don’t want to use up all my sick day capital on allergy season, which, as anyone who has read through all these boring allergy posts can tell by now, is several months here.
4) You sometimes still feel up to doing things where people don’t have expectations of you, like hanging out with friends, and yet you feel all guilty for not going to class but considering doing other things, even though there’s a real reason you can do one and not the other. (Again, #1, without a car, getting to class is a real bitch because it involves going outside for up to half an hour at a time. Having a car wouldn’t really help though, the parking lots are a ten-minute walk from class anyway. Getting to someone’s house when they pick me up in their car is a lot, a LOT easier.)
5) It’s also hard to tell how shitty you feel until you get someplace where people have their normal expectations of you. Because staying inside and doing things where you don’t have to perform physically (work) or intellectually (school) is way, way easier.

Basically, I came to campus to take a test, I’m waiting for my tutee to arrive, then I’m going home and thinking of not going to class tonight so I can avoid the half-hour outside/1-hour-long recovery twice over.

What do you think?

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