Lost the hard drive again.

Am hopeful that it will not be so devastating this time. Replacing it was quick and easy and only cost me $100 and now I have a uselessly large amount of GB (120, I will not fill this unless I keep everything for years… or maybe take more pictures). Also this time the hard drive comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Large hiccup though: I don’t buy new Mac OS systems. I don’t have the money to spend $100 every time a new one comes out. So I get them from my dad. So this computer came with the 10.4 discs. The back-up program Time Machine only runs off of 10.5, which I’ve now lost because I had to reboot the new hard drive from discs.

Am going to see if I can download a more recent Safari because I need tabs back.

It’s weird how attached to and comfortable I get with my operating system and software.


2 thoughts on “Lost the hard drive again.

  1. I bought a new hard drive and RAM for my computer, but now I’m afraid to install them. I just know something is going to go wrong… and if I can’t use my computer, I will cease to exist!

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