Out of flonase.

Sent away for some.

I didn’t work this weekend and I had soooo much time. I got sooo much work done today that tomorrow I have time to take a real trip to the grocery store.

Think am going to review the DALF reading/writing section for my test evaluation class. Or maybe the DELF. Whichever is easier to get all the info on. I found a bunch and then my hard drive crashed while I was running a back-up so I lost it. Am having trouble nailing down the same information again.

We need rain. I can’t find anything in the news about allergies (WHEN WILL THEY END) but lots about the drought.

I can’t really say that if I’d made a really informed decision about what allergy season would be like here that I would have come here for grad school. (Was there a more convoluted way to say that?) But I am glad I didn’t know, because I like it here, and whenever this does finally end, I am looking forward to summer. It’s a weird thing to look forward to because I usually hate summer in Texas. But I want to do things like go to Schlitterbahn and Barton Creek (okay so I did buy a new swim suit recently). I’m looking forward to being able to walk outside again, even if it’s 95 degrees.

I’m going to Houston over spring break to have my feet looked at (hope to make surgery-related decisions soon after) and Anna said we could go to the Houston rodeo. I’m excited. Yes it will be my first rodeo.

4 thoughts on “Out of flonase.

  1. Laurel says:

    No, I’m pretty sure my mom said she got a deep-fried twinkie at the rodeo. Maybe it was a deep-fried oreo? I imagine they’d have them both. I think there’s probably a pretty big overlap between rodeo and state fair cuisine.

  2. I think you’re right. The MN state fair thing is definitely fried things on a stick–an important distinction (I remember one year it was fried spaghetti on a stick).

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