Oh my God my blog is back.

I can’t believe it has actually happened. It took me almost two weeks to figure out this transfer. I won’t bore you with the details because, although they were frustrating, they are boring.

But a few things have happened since the blog went down on Tuesday, and if I had had my blog these past few days these would probably have been three different posts so excuse the length.

1) I went to Houston with Anna and it was lovely. We went to the Houston rodeo and it was huge. I took the Greyhound back to Austin and it was clear that all the flowers are starting to come out. I can’t believe I manage to forget how wonderful Texas is in the springtime (also my allergies are gone so I can enjoy it!!!). Lots of people were out taking pictures of each other alongside the highway. We drove through Brenham and past the Blue Bell creamery and it was packed. I think there must have been an event of some kind.

We saw Entre les Murs/The Class and I really liked it. How could I not, really, it’s about teaching, in France. Watching that was probably what prompted my post below. We also watched Man on Wire which I’d been wanting to see and that was also good.

2) I had my feet looked at by an orthopedic surgeon and have decided to get them fixed. I’m tired of them hurting. I really should get some black Danskos for work but I can’t really afford it this month.

The doctor said that the recovery time, till you’re back in your normal shoes not till you’re back walking, is three months, so I think I pretty much have to do it in May. He said though that this surgery will probably get me a good ten years, maybe more, maybe less, and I will at some point want to have the joint fused so that it just won’t hurt anymore. But they fuse it at an angle apparently so that you can still walk in normal shoes.

Am going to try to find an orthopedic surgeon in SA or here to get that organized. It kind of confuses my summer plans. I think I’m going to take two classes during summer session 1 and be done early July at the latest. But I won’t be able to work at my current job on crutches so I’m not sure what I’ll do the rest of the summer. Temp?

Finally and perhaps most important,

3) I have a job offer back in France, in Poitiers. I guess I shouldn’t talk too much about it till I’ve taken it but I’m pretty sure I will. It’s a 1-year thing again but that was what I was going for, and it’s at an engineering school again which I liked. I just have to send them a copy of my diploma and say yes and it’ll all be set to start the paperwork. I’ll do that all on Monday.

It’s surreal to be thinking about moving back to France and starting over in a new town at a new school (one that looks unnervingly like the old one) but it’s also very exciting. It’s also a bit weird to know this early. I thought I wouldn’t know till May or June. I could hold out for something different but I think this is a pretty good deal. I’ve wanted to go to La Rochelle since we used those Tricolore books in elementary school.

It’s making me think a lot about last year and how special I think my situation was and yet this new place is so incredibly similar. I think most engineering schools are. It will be so weird to have new students! I liked my old ones so much. How will I possibly like the new ones as much? Of course I realize that as a teacher I will have new students most years. But I’ve become friends with so many of the old ones that it’s hard to think of them as just students anymore.

On a side note, my parents are planning a Christmas in Paris. I am so excited about it. We are going to rent an apartment for the week. (It will save me so much on airfare.)

Obviously that link isn’t really about Poitiers. It’s about the futuroscope theme park.


3 thoughts on “Oh my God my blog is back.

  1. Congrats on the job offer! Wow, that was really fast. I defintely understand the weirdness of going back to France, doing the same thing, but being in a different place. The similarities probably helped you get the job. I’m sure that you will like your new students just as much as your old ones!

  2. Congratulations! I found out about Mulhouse in March of last year, which is of course making me freak out that I haven’t heard from Nancy yet . . . Bravo for the engineering stuff, I couldn’t imagine teaching that, I would be so bored by my own classes, lol.

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