to WordPress 2.7, which was the whole point of this switch-hosts debacle. And now my RSS feed should work again. I don’t know what that was about–I imagine maybe I deleted something in the transfer that I shouldn’t have? I have no clue.

This new dashboard is way fancy. I’ve been living in the past. Also, I have never EVER EVER been able to get my categories to list in alphabetical order. This is A BREAKTHROUGH.

Also, I should maybe mention that I am sick. It was weird–yesterday it was definitely allergies, now I’m thinking it was allergies plus a cold because now it’s just cold. Fortunately not much class this week because everyone’s gone for AAAL and TESOL conferences. I’ve been laying around a lot, working on things like 1) Methods class research proposal 2) Evaluation class test review 3) vaguely reading for literature class paper (still debating whether to take this pass-fail, deadline is in five days) 4) finishing up blogging research project for poster next week 5) feel as though have been working on something else but have not. Still have no idea what kind of test to design for my eval final project. And that is all the talking about my classes that I am going to do.


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