Miniature crises averted

1) Did not lose iPod yesterday
2) Locked self out of apartment today and did not have to pay a locksmith $100 to get in (climbed in through window which was left unlocked from a smokey kitchen a few weeks ago)

Feeling very upbeat as result.

Going to surgeon tomorrow. I hope he says these things:
1) Your feet are indeed crap
2) I would LOVE to operate on you
3) EXACTLY during the window when you want it (which is to say, the second or third week of May)

They are feeling worse and worse. Yesterday I was feeling it in my ankle since I turn my feet to the side all the time now to walk. I took my shoes off at one point and realized that doesn’t help because shoes ARE actually shock absorbing. Even my Danskos hurt now (but in a different spot, is sort of confusing). Want to know soon so that I can firm up plans such as:

Told assistant manager I am leaving at the end of the month, since, well, hope to have feet operated on, and after, hope to take classes pretty much 6 hours a day for a month. Have to be sure to tell GM soon.

Am actually waiting for official confirmation on the job for next year. Would like that sooner rather than later.


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