Hairs cut

I didn’t do anything drastic after all. I’m just not quite ready to part with it yet. But I did get it layered and she did straighten it for me:

Here it is back to normal today:

I don’t have a flat iron and I’m way too lazy to straighten it myself. But it’s pretty fun every once in a while. Plus it looks inches longer when it’s straight. I think maybe that’s why it feels like my hair takes a while to grow out.

I think my masters report is going to involve some sort of curriculum design. Anna gave me that brilliant idea. I may also be randomly and unsystematically surveying you people on how to use certain words in English and in French. That’ll probably all happen this summer and fall.

I’m working today 4-10 and sort of uncertain that I’ll get anything done before then. Tomorrow is Easter and we are going to the Stubbs’ barbecue Gospel Brunch which I’m pretty excited about.

Oh yeah, my parents are in Paris this weekend. I told them they should go eat at the cafe at the top of the Centre Pompidou. And then I realized I have no further advice about Paris for people who’ve been there nearly as many times as (maybe more than?) I have.


2 thoughts on “Hairs cut

  1. As a fellow curly haired blogger, I gotta say, straightening just isn’t worth it. I guess if they’ll do it for you at the salon, sure, but otherwise, yeah, I’m so lazy. I don’t even have a brush with me in France. The hair cut looks cute!

  2. Your hair is so cute!

    And I can’t live without my straightener. My hair is somewhere between straight and curly… and the curls are just not that nice at all.

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