I went to get fitted for new orthotics this morning.

I think they are going to be serious things. The orthotist (am learning new words every day with this foot adventure) asked if I already had orthotics and I showed him the ones from the French podiatrist and he asked if I’d gotten them from a chiropractor which I thought was comical. Anyway when I get these things (that cost $400 because they have some sort of extra support in them with some technical name, I don’t remember what it is because they took my prescription from me) I may need some new serious shoes. Orthotist says though that sandals do exist that you can wear with orthotics which gives me hope for the summer. These (in black), these, and these are all things I could see myself conceivably wearing.

For the next couple of weeks till I get these amazing board-stiff orthotics, I think I’m going to have to resort to tennis shoes. Anyone who knows me and shoes should realize that this is sort of an identity crisis for me. I hate tennis shoes. I think they’re really, really ugly. (Of course there are probably some cute ones out there that I have never noticed because I have refused to wear tennis shoes for so long.) I may have to wear my MBTs out tomorrow. Fortunately everyone (and by everyone I mean the 45,000 UT undergrads who also walk around in gym shorts and leggings with UGG boots) here wears tennis shoes so I at least won’t stand out.

Anyway, it just seems like a lot of money to spend when they may not do the trick and I might end up having surgery anyway. But I guess it won’t exactly hurt to have some high quality shoes (if I do get some) and heavy duty orthotics around.

Also am trying out this grocery delivery service thing. There is of course less selection but more importantly less walking (to carshare car, from carshare car, etc.).


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