It's summer in Texas…

it’s supposed to hit 95 degrees today. I know this is temporary (it’s supposed to be back in the 80s the rest of the week after) but it’s making me feel all summery anyway. I’m remembering Texas summer priorities:
1) shade
2) wear as little as possible
3) shade
4) sunscreen all over

I smell like Neutrogena body mist sunblock (it is the best sunscreen ever) which reminds me of ACL last September (I guess summer in Texas is sort of 5 months long). I was wondering if summer was ever going to come since we had bizarre 60-degree temperatures a week or so ago.

I went to the shoe store today and bought a pair of Naot sandals where I can take the insoles out. I bought two other pairs of shoes (in green, $100 off) too. I’ll probably just keep two of the three. But I can’t wear any of them till I go to my orthotics appointment next Friday. I guess my feel will just be toasty till then.


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