hired to work at the engineering school for next year. So now I can start thinking about buying a plane ticket and looking for temporary housing and whatnot. This is, sort of astonishingly, the first time I’ll have to find my own housing in France.

Otherwise, the semester is winding down, I’ve wrapped up my three papers that are due this week and now just have to turn them in, and I’m still working on finding a masters report advisor. I’m heading home to SA on Friday to play with the poodles. The semester is so close to over I can feel it. But I’ll only really have a two-week break (boo hoo) before I begin an intense month of six hours of class a day. Also, I need a place to live June 25th-July 8th. Sometime in there I turn 25. Every year I’m pretty much ready to be older, possibly because people mistake me too often for a 19-year-old and I hate that. (Seriously why do people not get that? Younger ≠ better)


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