France planning, etc.

I got an e-mail from R, the Swiss assistant I worked with during my assistantship year, and it is so nice to be able to tell people definitively that I’m coming back, at least for the year. There were people who didn’t believe me when I said it and people who never doubted it and she, from what I can tell, was one of the latter, which I find interesting—maybe because she herself moved to France.

I just have a (low-key) presentation to give tonight, a paper to turn in tomorrow, and then a final next Saturday that I’m not really worried about. I’m going home to SA with my mom tomorrow after some potential shopping. I’ve saved up $60 in tips and I need to decide what I want to spend it on. I’m hoping to line up a masters report advisor before summer kicks in so I can get started in July.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of funds I’ll need for moving to France and I’m also trying to figure out a flight date. New boss says I don’t need to be teaching before October so I should arrive mid-September (also a good idea given there is still some possibility of foot surgery in July). So I’ve sort of settled on leaving Monday the 14th to arrive Tues the 15th so I’ll have a few days to look for housing before the weekend shuts things down. I can’t quite decide where to stay when I get there—there’s a foyer that I could buy two weeks at but it’s on the outskirts so that’s kind of a drag. There’s a place much like where I lived last year except it’s private, right next to the gare. But I don’t know if they would take me since I’m technically not a student. And I think I want to try looking for French roommates this year. I’ve loved (LOVED) living alone in Austin but I don’t know that it’s a good idea in France. I’ve put myself on appartager but it seems silly to pay too much attention to it till I’m in town. People keep contacting me for rooms that are open now which I find kind of annoying since it says in my profile I’m not looking till September. So probably what I’ll do is settle on the foyer for a couple of weeks and hope that I find something quick. I just want to avoid paperwork.

Well I should go, I have a meeting and then my last class of the semester, woot.


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